Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Razon's, the latest halo-halo to open in Cebu

In what was once Grand Majestic Express in the former Belvic/Odeon Theater complex, stands the newest halo-halo in town -- Razon's Halo-halo and Palabok, said to be the best Halo-halo in the country which originally came from from Pampanga. Since the name implies that the establishment's best is in it's Halo-halo and  Palabok, then me and my wife decided to invade Razon's and try both.

I must say the halo-halo here is different from the usual halo-halo served by fastfood chains and other halo-halo specialty establishments. The most glaring difference is the absence of a scoop of ice cream. You have relatively lots of macapuno too and the taste I can compare to a "binignit" served cold. That is the simplest description I can come up with. The ice is very fine unlike other halo-halos where the ice is quite big.

I think when it comes to halo-halo, people have different preferences so I cannot say with certainty how others will react after tasting this particular halo-halo.

Now, let's go to the palabok.

From the taste of the palabok, it seems that one of the ingredients is ground chicharon. The taste is like a typical palabok but the sauce is too sticky for me for a palabok.There seems to be something missing from the ingredients I am looking for in a palabok. Maybe each region has its own style of palabok so I just have to get use of this type of palabok style perhaps.

There are other Filipino dishes offered by Razons and if there is any other "rason"(meaning reason) that you drop by this place, it is their what I consider as a "pasalubong" section where you can buy some native delicacies and other small food products.

The place is air-conditioned and very prominent is the newspaper clippings regarding Razon's in the counter area. They offer free pitcher of service water to help you "push" your food to your stomach.

If you are curious for a different kind of halo-halo, then you may want to try Razon's. Again, it is in the old Belvic theatre just across Gran Prix Econotel near the original Robinsons Cebu in Fuente corner Ramos Street.