Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kusina ni Nasing Boneless Lechon Review

A lot of my friends consider the liempo in Kusina ni Nasing as one of the best. From their humble beginnings with liempo as their flagship product, Kusina ni Nasing has added more like their lechon manok, grilled panga and now, the Boneless Lechon. Here is my review for their Boneless Lechon.

Like their liempo, the Boneless Lechon is full of flavor probably because of the spices added to it. However, it appears to be more oily that its liempo counterpart and unlike other Boneless lechon, the pork lechon taste is not evident. I have tasted other boneless lechon brands which retain the typical lechon flavor and kusina ni Nasing's boneless lechon is not like that. However, this is not to say that it isn't delicious. But between their liempo and their boneless lechon, I still like their liempo more which by the way also has a pork rib sibling.

To "remove the guilt" of eating lechon somewhat, brown rice is available along with their sukang tuba, sili and onions to make the boneless lechon experience complete.

Below are the other food products offred by Kusina ni Nasing with the price of some varying depending on their weight.
A reminder before we end this post -- Eat moderately, OK?