Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mexican Food in Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge, Crossroads

I got to attend an event in Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge, Crossroads and it was my first time to be in that place. I heard it offers Mexican food. And my oh my, they've got lots of it. I just don't know how they call these dishes.

Appears like a Mexican version of the empanada...yummy!

A different kind of liempo...very crispy

One of the best beef dishes served that day (Too bad don't know the name)
Craving for more Mexican food?...I am sure I haven't tasted the other dishes here in Maya. It appears Maya is a really one of the places to go in Cebu for Mexican food.

Stop looking at these pictures and go taste it for yourself!