Monday, December 19, 2011

Margarita Family Cuisine: Dining with a View

It's party everywhere this season. If you have got a craving for Chinese or dimsum food but want to eat in an atypical Chinese dimsum restaurant meaning you will be eating in a place with a view of Cebu landscape or seascape, then this may be the place for you, your family or your date.

I am talking about the Margarita Family Cuisine found on top of the 9th Floor of Robinland near Cebu Doctors' University in the Reclamation Area.

It is recommended that you get a reservation before going there as there might be weddings or other events occurring there.

I like their waiting lounge with a large LCD TV and very comfortable sofa.

Like your typical Chinese restaurant, there's the soup with quail eggs and there are some shrimp dishes like the one above. One serving can feed around 4 to 5 which is not bad.
The Patatim is very tender and the sauce was good. I did not feel the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.
Their version of Chow Pat Chin has more quail eggs than veggies so it seems. But I like the taste though.
The best part really is feeling the cool breeze of the nearby sea as you eat and seeing the city lights.
By the way. On the other side of the building was a birthday party held outdoors also with a view of the city lights.

On another big hall in the same penthouse floor was a wedding party with a band I can recommend -- the Royal Plus Trio band which performs in Marco Polo Hotel every Thursday and specializes in wedding reception performances and musical entertainment for other occasions. They play the instruments so well that even without drums (they have a nice keyboard with a real good sound system of their own and a saxophone, the music played approximates the original. They play a wide selection of songs and can do sing-alongs great for parties..

Expeirnce Margarita Family Cuisine yourself and tell me what you think.