Thursday, April 24, 2014

Krispy Kreme Colors of Summer are Here

Summer is the time for colors. Imagine the clear blue sky. The yellow sun. Blue waters. Very timely also for colorful doughnuts cause it's after all, a colorful summer!


Colorful, aren't they? Don't just marvel at the colors. Go ahead, eat it. They're great! They are not too sweet as they look so go ahead.

The Krispy Kreme Colors of Summer doughnuts come in three variants:

  • Raspberry - a ring doughnut dipped in raspberry-flavored vanilla icing with Christmas-red, baker's rose and burgundy wine color swirls.
  • Blueberry - dipped in blueberry vanilla icing with violet, sky-blue and Christmas-red colorful swirls.
  • Lemon - dipped in lemon-flavored vanilla icing with leaf-green, lemon-yellow as well as sky-blue swirls.
These doughnuts are available at 45 pesos a piece until May 4 only.

Match them with the following Cake Chillers for either P140 for the medium-size and P150 for the large size Chiller.
  • Black Forest
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Tiramisu
Sounds familiar, right? Because the inspiration behind these chillers are the cakes you find in coffee shops.

Grab a bite and give some to me okay?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Carla's Halo-halo in Talisay

We just had an outing in Talisay and on our way home, a friend of ours let us in a secret. According to her, she had a favorite halo-halo hangout nearby from her teenage years. And then she invited us to drop by this halo-halo haven known as Carla's halo-halo.

The halo-halo I think is just PHP50 and boy it was worth it. It was interesting to find strips or scrapings of what appeared to be jelly or gulaman instead of pearls or beads. The ingredients were in sizes that make you appreciate the halo halo's taste more. Not too sweet and it has mango and buko bits. The ice is fine and no clumps are found. On top is the ice cream. I loved it.

They also accept short orders of various pancit like bihon and at night they have live band performances. As I write this piece, they are also showing the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight at Php 100 with choices of various food and/or drinks for free.

It's nice to know that there's another Cebuano halo-halo worth promoting found outside Cebu City.

Monday, March 31, 2014

What is making me go bananas this summer

Summer time and I am a just going bananas right now - literally. Why? Because I've found an alternative to the usual shakes that seem to come out as the heat of summer begins. And it has bananas in them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet....... Orange Brutus banana chocolate! It's just the perfect shake for summer (not to mention you get the health benefits of the banana for free). Banana is a good source of dietary fiber which is good for the health of your heart. It is also a good source of potassium, an important electrolyte for vital cellular processes.It also contains vitamin B and C. And banana is believed to have antacid effects.

What's also nice about their shakes is the ice. They are finely crushed and you don't encounter clumps clogging the straw as you enjoy your shake. They come in cups though, and not the glass that you see here. 

Another banana shake variant of Orange Brutus is the Banana Marshmallow for those who love their chocolates with blended marshmallows. 
Banana Marshmallow
The third variant is the Banana Peanut Butter. Yes, you heard it right. Banana Peanut butter. Peanut butter is usually present in breakfast tables so this makes this flavor an interesting choice for a shake. My friend Ruben personally likes this variant while I like the Banana Chocolate.

Banana Peanut butter
These shakes will be available starting April 1 in Orange Brutus stores and these includes the newly-opened Super Metro Colon branch at the second floor and soon the new Gaisano Grand Fiesta Mall branch with its new location at the ground floor instead of the Food Court.

And since we are in the season of Lent, Orange Brutus offers choices like their Fish Fillet and Vegetable lumpia.
Orange Brutus Lenten offerings
Of course there's still the usual customer faves.

And the signature Orange Brutus sizzling Burger Steak...

So the next time you grab an Orange Brutus Spicy Chori Burger or a Brute Burger, you may want to pair it with these shakes and just go bananas!

And I forgot to mention, (according to the Orange Brutus staff) there is FREE DELIVERY! Their Delivery Hotline Number is 422.8000. For more info and for inquiries LIKE the Orange Brutus Facebook Page.
Bababa-babanana! Bababa-babanana! #obgoingbananas

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Papa Kits Marina and Fishing Lagoon: A Review Part 1

I have heard about the many activities that can be done in Papa Kits and I have been curious of their restaurant, so me and my wife decided to go there ourselves and try it out.

The entrance to Papa Kits Fishing Lagoon is near a church and even when commuting, it is quite easy to locate. The entrance fee when you are not staying overnight is 100 pesos, half of which is said to be consumable for snacks.
near the entrance
Just by the entrance is the horseback-riding area and bicycle area. One can rent bikes for a certain period (forgot the rates) and do biking of course with your friends, barkada or sweetheart. Or you can rent a horse for P75 per 15 minutes per head and have the chance to ride it in a certain stretch of the property. Initially the guide will hold the horse by a rope as you all take a stroll then towards the other half of the route, you are given the opportunity to "drive" the horse yourself with the guide beside you.

In some distance from the entrance is the Fishing Lagoon and Restaurant. To get there, you can either walk or opt to ride on their free transport which can bring you to various parts of the property.

So let's talk about the restaurant.  It is located in the vicinity of the fishing area. The fishing area consists of cottages where families can do their fishing and perhaps eat their catch along with other items ordered.

Here is what we ordered throughout our overnight stay and they were all delicious especially the seafoods. You can also have a fresh fish from their aquarium cooked for an additional service fee.

One thing to improve on is the service especially during peak days like Sundays. We went there on a Sunday and the staff is overwhelmed with the big number of diners not to count those who were fishing on the cottages which they ahve to serve also. Plates, spoon and fork were lacking. Perhaps they would have to find a way to meet the demand during these peak times especially Sunday lunch time.

Next part will be on the other attractions at Papa Kits...