Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wakamatsu Yakiniku Japanese restaurant in Cebu: A Must Try

It's now time to taste some Japanese dishes for a change and I just discovered a Japanese restaurant which you may like. Welcome to Waka Matsu Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant located in Pacific square Building, F. Cabahug Street, Mabolo, Cebu City.

As you enter the restaurant, one could hear Japanese greetings from the waitresses. The ambiance is very Japanese so that you feel you are brought into the set of a Japanese movie.
So it is not just the food which is Japanese. One gets to eat the Japanese way.

We sat on the floor. Wet towels are provided to keep your hands clean.

It is eat-all-you-can in this restaurant and during dinner the cost is around P560 each as long as there are no leftovers.

As you can see from the picture above, the table has grills as the customers will do the grilling themselves of some of the food. To prevent smoke from filling the room, a vacuum and exhaust of sorts is placed above the grill. The grilling add to the unique and fun experience.

I liked all the food that we ordered.

The Ranchi Karubi Yaki (Angus beef) and the Buta Karubi Yaki (Pork short ribs) especially the latter are sliced thinly like bacon. Don't expect the ribs to have a bony part. The bones are removed and what you receive is the meat. and once you grill them then taste them, you will forget the price yu paid for the entire meal.
Angus beef still to be grilled
I am not particularly fond of Japanese food especially the California Maki but when I tasted their California Maki, I tried to get some more.

We also ordered delicious tuna which was grilled as well as scallops with butter (Hotate yaki), also cooked by grilling....

Plenty of seafood choices really with grilled prawn (Ebi yaki) and spicy shrimps. Don't worry, the spicy shrimps are not too hot and spicy.
We got to taste also a sad known as Mango Kani and as the name translates in Cebuano, there really is mango mixed with some vegetables, crab meat and dressing.
The entire meal includes one round of drinks and dessert. The dessert is not their strong point for me but who cares about dessert when you are already on a gastronomic high with the main course?

I also suggest that the establishment makes available free wifi to the customers.

I look forward to eat again in this restaurant and try their soups perhaps. I highly recommend this place in other words.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Krispy Kreme Choco Mania in this Love Month yeah!

February is the month of Hearts and as we celebrate this month, why not give him or her the latest from Krispy Kreme (KK) -- Choco Mania Doughnuts, the Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence.

Makes you wanna open the box, right?

Chocolate Custard, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, Caramel with Toasted Meringue and White Icing with Choco Curls --- Yummy! Just by looking at it, you can say it's delicious. No need to describe here in this blog.

Well, go try it for yourself. I have tried them and I have been craving for more. 

Share a dozen of these (to me, hehe) for only P385.

Happy Valentines! Don't forget my KK Choco Mania Doughnuts!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Advanced Valentine Experience at Crimson Mactan

Remember the last time I went to Crimson? It's kinda lonely that time. But now guess who is with me this time?

My lovely wife as we took a break from a busy week to relax at Crimson Mactan Resort and Spa.

This time around I got the chance to explore this Cebu beach resort hotel and its amenities and facilities. Checking in, we were welcomed by smiling hotel personnel. It was a sunny day and yet because of the design and structure of what serves as their main lobby and reception area, the breezy and cool feeling of the environment prevailed.

The place is big, a sprawling 6 hectares so that we were brought to our room via a cute vehicle which looked like a golf cart.

The room had electronic key card access, a king-sized bed, a spacious bathroom with bathtub and separate shower. Inside the bathroom iss a 22-inch LCD TV and in the bedroom itself was a 42-inch LCD television. Both TV had cable TV shows.

We were actually in a garden deluxe accommodation and looking outside, there were greens everywhere. I love the landscape which was perfect for taking pictures pretending to be couples yet to be married taking prenup pictures.

Back inside, I asked for the Wifi password. The Wifi was awesome as the signal reaches far distances spanning almost the entire resort. Going online was also fast.

Off we go exploring the place. We went to the 3-tiered Infinity Pool and noticed a section for children and a separate one for adults which is said to be 4 feet deep,

Just within sight of the pool is the CrimZone Active Kids Center which is a playground for kids. We don't have kids but it doesn't stop us from acting like one. We had our pictures taken there.

The sports bar Score is also a nice place to relax especially if you are a Sports fan. One can play Billiards and Chess or watch basketball or tennis games in TV.

We booked a reservation at the Aum Spa for a signature massage. Meanwhile we proceeded having dinner buffet at the Saffron.

Inside was a wide selection of food including cold cuts, seafood, salads in various forms, grilled meat and pastries for dessert among many others. It was one of the best buffets I ever had because of the taste and the choice of food.

After dinner, it was time for the signature spa.

It was really relaxing with the soothing music and the very good hands of their therapists.You are assured that they can carry out the type of pressure you specified prior to starting the session.

The hotel rooms are far from any bars in the hotel so it was a good night's sleep that we got.

The morning was more fun. We had pictures taken taking advantage of the nice view. Korean visitors were playing volleyball.
There are perhaps many activities you can do in Crimson based on the background of the pics.

The breakfast buffet was great! I became confused as to what to eat.

Swimming was also fun! The water is not deep in the pool and the resort will provide you big towels.

Overall, the stay was an experience to remember. It is surprising why the resort gets most of its clients from foreign visitors. Perhaps the locals should try Crimson for a change.

Yes. Crimson has regular shuttle service trip schedules to either SM or Ayala. Since we are Cebu residents, we just took a ride on their shuttle service to Ayala Center Cebu going home.