Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Restaurant review: Choobi Choobi in Parkmall

One of the latest restaurants to open in the vicinity of Parkmall is Choobi Choobi, a restaurant that offers mainly Filipino dishes. Choobi Choobi means lingaw lingaw because the owner believes that when you dine in their restaurant, "ma-lingaw" jud mo. You will not get bored eating.

The restaurant itself is located on the second floor and is open-air type.
It's location and it's being an open-air type establishment is a blessing for food lovers as you get the feeling you are eating on the beach especially if you order seafood or grilled dishes as you get to feel the breeze. "Makagana ug kaon," as they say in Cebuano.

The place is quite spacious and I noticed a TV screen in one end of the venue showing cable TV program.

Let us go to the food. First up are the dishes not usually served in other establishments.

Ever tried balbacua minus the sabaw? Yup, this is the first time I saw crispy balbacua.

Crispy balbacua with bagoong at 168 PHP
Then you have some sort of sprouts (I forgot the name, sorry). But it's not alfafa sprouts.

Then there is the crispy adobong kanding. Usually, kanding (goat) dish is prepared as kaldereta. Not in this dish. It's pinirito.
Crispy adobong kambing at 168 PHP
Next is my personal favorite... LOLA PEPANG's Fried Manok, the owner's family recipe. The chicken is one of the tastiest fried chicken I have tasted. It's not lechon manok but fried chicken. Whole fried chicken. Cooked whole, not half to ensure the recipe's desired taste remains intact.
Part of the whole chicken serving upclose (costs 300 to 360 PHP)

Lola Pepang's chicken (Pardon me for the lighting..I'm using a smartphone)
Then we have a constant presence in Filipino restaurants which is also offered in Choobi Choobi, the Crispy Pata.
Choobi Pata priced at around 320 to 350 PHP and comes with sauce 
Those who are health-conscious need not worry visiting Choobi Choobi because they offer good fish dishes like the Pampano....
Grilled pampano
Their tuna belly is fresh, "hindi malansa". No itchiness after eating and cooked just right.

Too satisfy the Japanese in one's taste, Choobi Choobi also has Shrimp Tempura.
Shrimp tempura
My fellow blogger loves this dish best....the Shrimp in the bag. The shrimps are plenty inside the bag and could come with gata or without. I prefer the one with gata as it complements well the shrimp's natural taste. There's some broth in the bag to put in your rice if you want.
Shrimp in the bag with gata
Choobi Choobi actually provides a lot of choices like Tinolang Manok Bisdak, Utan Monggos to name a few. Another thing I like about Choobi Choobi is their iced tea which is not powdered iced tea but natural and somewhat fruity. It is said to be the the same iced tea offered in a popular hotel.

You get your money's worth eating at Choobi Choobi's. Really "choobi choobi" as it's name suggests.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Krispy Kreme 76th Year Brunch Specials

Assorted Pull Aparts
During an informal meetup with my fellow bloggers at Krispy Kreme (KK) IT Park, I just learned that KK in Cebu (IT Park, Ayala Center and SM City) offer Brunch Specials in celebration of their 76th year. For your brunch (until 2 PM), you can have a choice of any of the Krispy Kreme Pull Aparts as shown in the photo above and pair it with Brewed Signature Coffee 8 ounce for 110 PHP.

Alternatively, you can choose any Kruffin as shown below instead of Pull Apart and partner it with the same coffee for the same price of 110 PHP.
Assorted Kruffins
If you want a lighter Brunch Special, you can have the Original Glazed and 8 oz coffee for 76 PHP or any of the other Assorted Doughnut with 8 oz. coffee for 85 PHP.

Original Glazed
Happy 76th year Krispy Kreme!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bintana, a hidden coffee and food hangout

In the heart of the busy city but hidden from plainsight, just across the Aboitiz property in Elizabeth Pond St. is a coffee and food hangout residents and students nearby may want to try  -- the Bintana.

Bintana is not your usual coffee shop. It's like you are having coffee or eating meals comfortably at home. It is a homey coffee shop which is said to offer various kinds of coffee like Kalinga, Costa Rica and Colombia. Instead of cakes and pastries, they mainly offer palabok, which is said to be one of their bestsellers, as well as set meals like Mechado with rice and cucumber (pipino) and chicken or meat dishes (like Fried Chicken, Sweet and Fried Porkchop, Pork Bistek and Paksiw Pata).

The menu is written in the blackboard above me.
They offer coffee and their bestsellers, Bintana Burger and Pancit Palabok

Like I mentioned, the atmosphere is homey as it looks to me that it used to be a house with many windows (bintana). The walls are adorned with paintings and cool music feels the venue. The place can be perfect for celebrating private occasions with a small intimate group of family and close friends. Or it could be a good study area for students living nearby. Or it could be an ideal place for casual talk among friends or even an informal date. The space outside has lamps and tables if people wish to reserve the entire place for a celebration.

With regards to the food, what we tried as of now is the Burger and the Mechado.

The Bintana Burger is juicy and the size is just enough for one to have his fill. It has tomato, pipino, pickles, cheese and mayonnaise if I remember right. It's worth the price of 80 pesos.

The Mechado is pork-based. It is soft and cooked just right. Too bad, I think my photo of it was inadvertently erased. The Mechado (Tagalog-style) comes with pipino in vinegar and black pepper. The tomato sauce is quite rich and the serving generous as it can feed two persons actually.

I haven't tried yet the palabok but the owner recommends it. Since Bintana is just new, the choices are not that many but the owner promises to add more items as time passes.

Being a student once I think Bintana gives for students a study area feel.

And also I think they are sometimes having an acoustic night in the near future.

It could be a hidden gem, a potential casual hangout for friends and students having a friendly meal together or coffee in the midst of the "jungles" of Elizabeth Pond Street.

You may visit Bintana Cebu Coffee Shop's Facebook page first.