Saturday, February 16, 2013

Boodle Fight at Captain A's Seafood Grill

If you became an ROTC officer way back in college, you might remember having a boodle fight. For those new to boodle fight, it is a fun way of eating where all the food is laid down in front of you on top of banana leaves and everybody eats using their bare hands.

It is this unique experience that one encounters when eating in Captain A's Seafood Grill. You can order from several choices of Boodle Fight menu such as these two below.
The Battle of Mactan
D' Original
Upon serving your meal, the waiters would chant something like, "To the right, To the left...Commence......Boodle Fight!" This adds to  the military boodle fight feel.  By the way, they provide you with improvised gloves made of thin plastic so that you won't worry about the food getting dirty.

Captain A's has branches in  Jose Avila St., Capitol Site near the back of Cebu Doctor's Hospital and also in IT Park. 

The one I visited was the one in Capitol Site. It is spacious and the design of the place was made to give the customers the feel of dining inside a ship since their specialty is Seafoods apparently. I think there is a function room for meetings and also a videoke room although I have not tried it.

Back to the food, the Boodle set meals are good for five with drinks also served good for five persons. The price is just about right. Among the food i sampled, I liked the taste of the shrimps, the kare-kare, adobong manok and baboy mix and the crabs.

The choices are not all set in a Boodle Set Meal. You can order your favorite Filipino dish including Crispy Pata, Kinilaw, Scallops and many others individually. The place is great for barkadas eating and it is this nice barkada atmosphere that makes Captain A's a favorite destination.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Food and Fun with Friends and Fishes at Co Jordan

When you want to take a break from city life, enjoy fresh food and at the same time have clean fun, a visit to this eatery might be refreshing especially if you enjoy...FISHING!

Co Jordan Talaba Bangus Eatery is located in Tayud, Consolacion. It is very easy to locate. Just ride a jeepney to SM Consolacion. Just across SM is where tricycles await plying the route passing Co Jordan. It may be dusty going there though so bring your handkerchiefs.

So here we are.

Don't you love the view?
For an affordable amount (pardon me forgetting the exact amount), you will be given a makeshift rod 9Do not expect a real professional fishing rod) made of what seems to be bamboo, a net for putting your catch and I think, some bait. Even with this, you can actually catch fish with it.
Just choose an area where you want to position yourself, throw in some fish food, then start to fish. When the milkfish (bangus) pulls the bait, pull up and the fun begins! It is because the fish is slippery...jumping and jumping. In my case, I use the net to finally get hold of the fish.

Yay! My first fish catched in my entire life!
Enough of the fishing. I know you want to see the food! By the way, you can have your catch cooked the way you want it. Of course, you pay for it separately. But there are other items in the menu. Here they are:

You can also choose a particular "cottage" or hut where you will have your meal. There is a big one with a karaoke and there are smaller ones, all affordable. Pang-masa na presyo.

For those who cannot live without Facebook, there is wifi!

If you do not have your own vehicle, going home may be a challenge because the tricycle's going back are full but who cares? Busog na man. Hehe. Just sit and relax and wait for a ride.