Monday, June 11, 2012

There's still More Fun in Argao

There is so much to see in Argao that one day will not be enough to appreciate it.

Of course, there is this old church in Argao, the St. Michael the Archangel Parish with classic paintings in its ceilings made by famous artists Canuto Avila and Reynaldo Francia. It also has an old pipe organ inside.

Francia is the same painter who made these paintings in the ceiling of an old church in neighboring Sibonga:
This painting in a convent in Sibonga typifies Francia's works.
Back to Argao, the St.Michael the Archangel Parish is within the walled Pueblo which, believe it or not has a FREE and STRONG WI-FI SIGNAL!

And oh by the way, Argao got its name from this tree Sali-Argaw which is also seen inside the walled Pueblo.

Argao is known for its torta which is still prepared in traditional ovens and made up of tuba, eggs, and margarine among some of the ingredients.
Argao is also known for its tableya.
The beach is also nice in Argao and equally nice is the seafood -- sutukil!
Within Argao, the rivers and streams are still clean and crystal clear, a testament to the very efficient management of the local government and their clean and green initiatives. Argao, is a town worth emulating.
They also have young people dedicated to their heritage and culture who accompany visitors and tourists.

I did not even mention the well known spots in Argao like the balay sa Agta and many more.

I look forward to have more time exploring Argao. I know that each year there is already a Gabii sa Kabilin version in Argao and Sibonga and it would be a nice opportunity to revisit Argao. Perhaps also I will try boating there.