Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bibingka and Budbud (Suman) outside Redemptorist Parish, Cebu

Misa de Gallo is part of the Filipino tradition come Christmas season. And where there is Misa de Gallo, there is Bibingka, suman, puto, etc. nearby.

After the mass, church-goers flock at the makeshift stalls and buy these products from the vendors in any church in the Philippines. The Redemptorist Parish in Cebu is no exception.

P60 is the price of 3 Bibingkas wrapped together in banana leaves. The bibingkas here are said to come from Mandaue so they are expected to be very good.

Unlike the Luzon version, tehre is no margarine or "itlog na maalat" in this bibingka. Note some coconut meat bits. My friend Bjorn has an article on Yahoo Philippines Cebu Kini blog as to how a bibingka  like this is made. This bibingka is guaranteed delicious.

The budbud (made of "pilit") is also good considering that is a budbud made in the city. It can be eaten with or without sugar although not all budbud sold in the Redemptorist grounds tastes the same. For a price of P25, you get 5 budbud if I remember it right.

These two are nice to take home after a Misa de Gallo. You are not only blessed spiritually after a Mass, your stomach also gets a gastronomic treat which is very Filipino.

See you in the Misa de Gallo!