Friday, October 5, 2012

Julie's Bakeshop and Me

Julie's Bakeshop is indeed the largest bakeshop chain in the Philippines with about 130 franchisees. It seems that everywhere you go there's a Julie's bakeshop. Be it in the province or in the city. Just like in Cebu. After all, Julie's has its roots in Cebu being founded by Mrs. Julie Gandionco with its first store in Mandaue.

I practically spent a large chunk of my adult life eating Julie's bread products. During my college days, I pass by a Julie's bakeshop on the way home before riding a jeepney to buy fresh from the oven cheese bread.

Even now at work, I drop by Julie's doing the same routine. But I do not just buy bread from Julie's, I also eat lunch and sometimes breakfast at Julie's. From a simple bakeshop, it grew. And grew. And grew.

Aside from cheese bread, they have the "nakakalokong Pan de Coco" as well as various cakes. Then you also have the local favorite Binangkal.

Julie's is not just about bakeshops. They also reach out to the public. A good example is during the Sinulog when they are one of the sponsors in the Devotee City.

Learn more about Julie's Bakeshop's Corporate Social Responsibility here.

Interested in franchise application? Go to this link.