Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cebu's Ayer Lechon Offers Many Choices

Cebu's Ayer Lechon is an emerging player in the lechon department in Cebu City. It has been receiving word-of-mouth recommendations from its customers and is becoming a favorite among Koreans so much so that its lechon may be offered with Kimchi, said to be a good combination.

One thing going for Ayer or Ayer's Lechon is that it provides customers many choices.

First, the branches: You can buy lechon prior to taking a flight at it's Mactan Domestic Airport branch. Across Country Club Banilad Road, there is also an Ayer branch. For those working in the IT Park, there is an outlet in the second floor of the I2 Building on top of Starbucks. There's also one in SM City 3rd Level and another one in Salinas Drive Lahug in front of USP.

Second, it provides not just plain lechon because there are several food items being offered.

Boneless lechon spicy


Lechon paksiw


Lechon sisig

The lechon is said to be made from native pigs. With the different food choices, the pig's various parts are never wasted. By the way, other food selections not in the pics are the pork spare ribs (not always available) and the bopis.

The lechon is crispy as well as the boneless lechon. The boneless lechon for me though is not their best product.The spicy boneless lechon does not have a lechon feel when eaten.

I love the taste of the lechon paksiw though. The dinuguan on the other hand tastes like dugo-dugo sprinkled with chicharon. Others may want to try the pritchon and the attractive lechon sisig.

Lastly, Ayers offer various options for ordering. You can order online with the choice to use even Paypal based on what is seen on their website.

If you want to know more about Ayers, you can visit their website and order there.

You can also contact them at telephone numbers (032) 268-0327 or Mobile #09228268133 or #09228268133.