Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Restaurant Review: Island Grill in General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City

Towards the end of 2013, many restaurants in the city proper were opening. One of them located in Mango Avenue or Gen. Maxilom Ave, is Island Grill. To recall, Island Grill used to have stalls in mall foodcourts only. The opening of a restaurant in Ayala signalled their entry into the restaurants with a modern carinderia feel.

Compared to other establishments offering Filipino dishes, Island Grill is more affordable and yet they offer good food. Their best offering is perhaps in their grilled dishes especially involving pork and chicken. Especially the Chicken Bacolod style. But I knew that already. For their Mango avenue branch, I tried their grilled fish dishes.
Grilled tangigue

The tangigue was fine although I can't explain why I was still looking for something more about this particular grilled fish. Maybe the cut was too thick but that is good news for some as that would mean they would consume more.

This particular dish was much better. (Forgot the name of this fish).

One of their cheaper offerings is dinuguan and it is not the diluted kind.

They offer  many other choices and the price is student-friendly. With their location in Mango, students (like those from STC or Velez College), now have another option for their lunch destination. It's relatively cheaper yet the food tastes nice in general.

The food are displayed for you to see like in carinderias or in their mall stalls but you can order like in restaurants where you are given a menu list. Place is airconditioned, clean, pleasant to the eyes although not really big.

So students and employees nearby, you now have another choice especially if you are craving for Filipino food but you do not want to spend much. It's located near National Bookstore and across JESA ITC Building.