Saturday, July 8, 2017

Charcoal Boy Cebu, the newest dining place to satisfy your Oyster Cravings

Cebuanos generally love seafoods. And there's a new kid (or should I say, boy) in town who offers them --- mainly and specifically, OYSTERS.  The name? CHARCOAL BOY Grilled and Oysters.
Charcoal Boy was on soft opening when we went there last week. It's found in Mahogany Place, a new commercial hub in Mabolo just across San Carlos Seminary on the same side as Leona's Pastries. Mahogany Place has a parking lot which is a plus for Charcoal Boy.
Once inside, we ordered for the Baked Cheese and Garlic Oysters and some pork belly barbecue.
For one order, we were served around 9 oysters I think. Based on what I tasted, the oysters appear to be fresh. I liked the mix of cheese and garlic. The taste was just right. The oyster itself has a nice texture and feeling in the mouth when eaten. Next time, I would definitely try the other oysters in the menu  and they have at least 5 more if I remember correctly. Next up may be the Baked Hot Chili Oysters for me on the next visit.

The barbecuse serving was quite big. And I also liked the taste. It was not hard to chew at all unlike other barbecues. Goes well with vinegar, soy sauce and "sili".
And the rice serving was quite big.

There are other items in the menu being offered by Charcoal Boy, obviously, mostly grilled and some classic faves like Sinigang, Pancit Canton, Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata to name a few.
From this list, it can be seen that there are more to come back for and try here in Charcoal Boy Cebu.

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